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Super Compact Cobra Diamond Vee Blade 5.0in x .375in

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Super Compact Cobra Diamond Vee Blade 5.0in x .375in

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5.0" x .375" Diamond Vee Blades for SawKart and Cobra saws.


  • Made to our specifications
  • – Our Diamond Engraving Blades have the correct grit and diamond content to perform perfectly on our tools. Critical for the clean, crisp designs Engrave-A-Crete installers are famous for.
  • Engineered to cut quickly – That means less labor and more profit. You get home faster so you can serve up diamonds of your own!
  • Last longer – Cheap import blades initially cut just fine, but in nothing flat their diamond edge is gone. You’re left trying to force cuts with a dull blade. That’s when profanity-inducing crooked cuts, raveled edges and depth variances happen. Not what your customers want to see or hear!
  • Self-sharpening – Matrix is uniquely designed to expose new diamonds at precisely the correct rate so your blade stays sharp.
  • Built tough – With multi layers of diamonds and a specially blended matrix, you can engrave even the strongest concrete easily. Flex those incredible muscles of yours if you want, but it’s not necessary for an awesome cut.

    5.0" x .375" Diamond Vee Blades fit SawKart and Super Compact Cobra saws.

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