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About Concrete Resurrection

Concrete Resurrection & Engrave-A-Crete were founded by the father and son team of Darrel and Brandon Adamson.

Darrel Adamson

Darrel Adamson CEO

Darrel graduated from the Northrop Institute of Technology in 1968, then served 2 years with the US Army. On returning home he became an apprentice carpenter and within 3 years was promoted to commercial construction superintendent.

Soon he went on his own as a remodeling contractor, then on to specializing in commercial concrete sawing and drilling. He became the largest operator in the 4 state region of Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas. He designed and operated industrial size concrete cutting equipment and processes for cutting holes in skyscrapers, coal fired electric generating plants, hydroelectric dams, and mountain top structures.

After moving to Florida in 1986, he became a contractor specializing in decorative concrete, concrete mudjacking and concrete repair. In early 1990 Darrel merged his background in concrete sawing and drilling with his decorative concrete knowledge to design, produce, and distribute the Engrave-A-Crete® System.

Over the past years he has continually worked to produce better, faster, and more innovative methods and machinery to accomplish spectacular decorative concrete engraving. He holds three patents and numerous copyrights and trademarks.

Darrel has more than 35 years experience in construction, sales, marketing, experimenting, manufacturing, equipment design and general puttering. An avid motorcyclist, Darrel has logged more than 100,000 miles on motorcycle trips throughout the US including Alaska, Canada and Australia.

Brandon Adamson

Brandon started with Engrave-A-Crete® in the early 1990’s as part time help in the manufacturing of the machinery. After finishing college in 1996 he joined Engrave-A-Crete full time to help with the machining, manufacturing, sales and training of the machinery.

In April of 1997 Brandon & Darrel formed Elegant Concrete Engraving, Inc. of Sarasota, FL.

Brandon Adamson Engrave-A-Crete EVP

With the rapid growth and success of Elegant Concrete Engraving, Inc., Brandon left Engrave-A-Crete in June of 1997 to run Elegant Concrete Engraving full time. Over a three year period Brandon developed and pioneered many of the techniques of staining and engraving that are now taught in the Engrave-A-Crete system.

He worked with Darrel in testing, proving, and improving the current generation of Engrave-A-Crete & KaleidoCrete machinery.

He was the first to do track free cutting of tiles and curved borders with the Compact series machines. He developed the curved brick-cutting system, and was the first to use and test the KaleidoCrete system commercially.

In 2000 after successfully building and selling Elegant Concrete Engraving, Brandon returned to Engrave-A-Crete to focus on the national and world-wide effort of equipment distribution and training.

With a strong contracting background combined with 10 years of training thousands of people in decorative concrete, Brandon has a unique and global vision of what is possible with decorative concrete - that decorative concrete engraving is no longer just creating a pretty piece of concrete, it's about creating purposeful, environmentally-friendly flooring.

Now as Executive Vice President of Engrave-A-Crete, Inc., Brandon continues to work in the development of new equipment and materials for the decorative concrete industry.