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Cleaners & Sealers

Exterior Sealers

High quality clear, 25% solids, solvent based acrylic designed for sealing decorative concrete projects. Outside Acrylic is a hard acrylic polymer that produces coatings with excellent gloss, stain-resistance and are easy to clean. Adhesion to properly prepared concrete surfaces is excellent and the material is non-yellowing. (For Exterior Use Only) Outside Acrylic comes in two variations to assure compliance with local, state, and federal Volatile Organic Compound regulations.

  • Gloss Level–Medium to High
  • Recommended for Residential, Commercial and Retail Exterior Concrete.
  • Consider using a Non-Skid Additive when applying Sealer to Exterior Projects.

  • CR-560 Outside Acrylic 400voc (Compliant everywhere except Californial)
  • CR-570 Outside Acrylic 100voc (California Compliant)

Interior Sealers

Other companies SAY they have interior sealers, but with Concrete Resurrection Interior Sealers, you'll never have to worry about a volatile situation.

CR-515 Inside Acrylic

CR-515 Inside Acrylic produces outstanding color richness, durability and gloss. Simply the best polymer technology available in a water based sealer. For added durability and shine, use CR-520 Inside Floor Finish as a maintenance top coat.

  • Gloss Level – Low to Medium
  • Recommended for Residential Interior Floors

CR-520 Inside Floor Finish

CR-520 Inside Floor Finish is a high gloss long lasting and renewable maintenance coat for interior decorative concrete floors.It dries quickly and is easy to apply, making it ideal for commercial venues with high traffic and limited time for refreshing floors. (Must be applied over the top of a cured sealer.)

  • Gloss Level – Medium to High
  • Recommended for Protecting CR-510 on Light to Medium Duty Commercial / Retail Floors

CR-530 Inside Epoxy

CR-530 Inside Epoxy is a two component 100% solids resin system used as a low, medium or high build coating. Inside Epoxy provides an outstanding balance of strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, and clarity. Inside Epoxy can be used as a primer coat for CR-540 Inside Urethane or as a stand alone coating on floors with minimal UV exposure. As a stand alone coating Inside Epoxy is not recommended for food processing areas, commercial kitchens, wineries or other areas that receive constant corrosive exposure.

  • Gloss Level – High
  • Recommended for Commercial and Industrial Interior Floors