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Diamond Blades

  • Mongoose 411 Diamond Blades 4" Diameter

    Diamond Blades for Mongoose Decorative Concrete engraving saw. 4.0in x .250in and 4.0in x .375in widths are RCT (reduced core thickness) blades. This is necessary to safely operate on a Mongoose. Standard thick core blades will not properly mount on a...

    $149.95 - $279.95
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  • Super Compact Cobra 4.5" Diameter Diamond Blades

    These 4.5" diameter blades fit the Cobra, and are available in the same widths as our Mongoose 411 and Mongoose Air blades. Note: to prevent a thin core blade from spinning between the hub nuts, reverse the outside nut so the raised flanges do not bottom...

    $149.95 - $289.95
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